Week 3

This week was the week of updates, for ios and mac and shaders. What are shaders? they are small graphics program that can bend reality at least on the screen’s that you see

where they can be useful ?

for example if you would like to do sth that has similar properties in real life

Money update

Spent 0$ earned 0$


And it was not even real

Next week, next update

This week, the thing was that Nobel Prize awarded to physicists that proved more or less that before you see (measure) a thing, they do not exist (measurement is not predetermined)

Nothing new in terms of income/spending

Field journal

Week 1 – it is all gone now

No progress, nothing chanted but there is a hope, things to do this week: basics for gravitational lensing on ios

Field journal

Week 0 – Lift off

Hi, let me be your guide to the universe

This is step -1: this blog was set up and there is a general idea of what should be delivered.

The end goal is to let you know haw the world actually looks like.
Spoiler alert: it is not made of mostly empty space with few dots (protons, electrons) here and there that pretend to be building everything, or at leas they are not dots. 🙂

But before that, status for this week:

Mission statistic:
QPigeon flight progress: 0.01%
Reality cohesion: 99.99%
Distance to destination: 480 pc

Amount spent on the project: 0$
Amount earned on the project: 0$

Nothing important, do not click the link